Italians do it better

I'm presenting a selection of works that best portray the ongoing process within myself, my life, my experiences – some of my earliest works that were also shown in Hamburg, Germany to completely new ones.

All photographs in the photo galleries are self-portraits. This is ilcato wants to tell stories about.

New wind comes right straight from Italy where I use to spent time whenever I need a place to escape, to relax, to rest, to love. So again, I'm refocused. Ilcato is my platform to express myself. 

My objective is to document my personal side, my new ideas and thoughts. Since the invention of ilcato in 2006 the development in photography has improved, so did I. Being able to build a full setting before integrating myself into it with remote control and other beautiful features (such as live view, etc.) are all the technicnal aspects that just make it happen and life so much easier.

Nevertheless, I would like to deeply thank some real friends you only find once in a life-time, especially Maestra & Germinal Minal, MC.